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Floor Scales in Kenya

BAYKON BK series floor scales with their high quality standards, they are designed to work accurately and precisely in harsh industrial areas for years.

They are available from 300 kg to 15000 kg capacities with sizes up to 150x200 cm as various standard sizes and free sizes according to customers’ requests. Depending on the working environment; static painted, galvanised and full stainless steel models can be selected.

BAYKON BK series floor scales are compatible with OIML standards and it is produced according to European directives up to 2 x 3000d multi range accuracy classes.

BAYKON BK series floor scales are used in food, cosmetic, metal and metallurgy, logistic, chemical and in all industries at every point; from raw material input to production and packing lines, to warehouse entrance and product shipping. There is always a BK scale for every level of your weighing needs and for any kind of industrial environment such as dusty, heavy wash down, hygienic, hazardous.

Industrial floor scales in Nairobi Kenya

Capacities: 600kg,1.5t
Housing: Mild steel




Capacities:· 1t~3t
Housing: · Mild steel





Capacities:· 1t,3t
Housing: · Mild steel





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