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Weighbridge Load Cells in Kenya

Single Load Cell
The type BP002 is an aluminum construction and adhesive sealed single point type loadcell. It is suitable for bench scale, counting scale, balance and other electronic weighing devices.
Key features
-Capacities: 0.3 ~ 3 kg
-Aluminum construction
-Protection class: IP65

Beam Load Cell
Type BS555 is an alloy steel construction, beam type loadcell with hermetic sealing. It is a perfect fit for use in industrial environments such as platform scales, bench scales, conveyor scales, hopper and tank weighing systems, bagging machines and other applications.
Key features
-Capacities: 5 ~ 500 kg
-OIML approved
-Stainless steel bellow
-Complete hermetic sealing
-Protection class: IP68

Tension Load Cell
Type BT630S is a stainless steel construction s type load cell. It is suitable for hanging scales, mechanical scales, hopper scales and other electronic weighing devices.
Key features
-Capacities: 0.5 ~ 6 ton
-OIML approved
-Extremely robust
-Stainless steel construction
-Tension and compression
-Protection class: IP68

Compression Load Cell ( Both Analoque & Digital)
Type BR016 is a high performance fullywelded construction compression type loadcell. It has a perfect fit for use in especially high capacities weighing systems such as wheel scale, floor scale, tank scales ship weighing and other applications.industrial environments.
Key features
-Capacities: 10 ~ 50 ton
-OIML approved
-Stell construction
-Protection class: IP68

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