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Weighing Pheripherals

Thermal Printer
The BAYKON BY3S is a thermal label printer designed to print small-sized labels and graphics on thermal paper.

The information is arranged in a template form, which can be partially modified under customer demand.

The printer supports a PCX format and has 4 in-built matrix fonts with different sizes. The device prints barcodes.

The BAYKON BRF1 is a serial RF modem designed to two way wireless applications
-Specially designed for BAYKON weighing devices
-868 Mhz 40 Channel
-RS232 serial 1200 ...19200 baud rate
-3 way serial microcontroller interface
-Transmission distance up to 100 meters (in open areas)
-7 – 15 VDC power input
-10 to 50 °C operating temperature
-Power consumption < 60 mA
-Optional two way one input / output control
-Optional second RS232 port

BAYKON X57 and RX100/S weighing displays are designed to use in various industrial environments, from foot industry to steel industry at indoor and outdoor usages. These remote displays can be connected to Baykon weighing indicator, weighing terminals and digital transmitters.

The visor in the package can be used at outdoor installations to increase the display readability in case of direct sunlight, rain and snow.

BAYKON RX100S remote display designed with a extremely bright LEDs like traffic lights. The display brightness is automatically changes with the environment lightening level for comfortable seeing under every light condition from day to night.

High quality BAYKON mass and weight sets, can fulfill your demand from 1 mg E2 up to 1 ton M3 OIML classes. You can take all service related with your mass as calibration service and accredited certificates.

BAYKON Mass Laboratory, has TÜRKAK accreditation according to ISO/IEC 17025 standards. BAYKON calibration certificates, are available all Europe countries due to agreement (MLA) between TÜRKAK and EUROPEAN COOPERATION FOR ACCREDITATION.

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